Monday, March 15, 2010

Canadian Music Week 2010

March 10-13th was Canadian Music Week and I look forward to it every single year. Overall it was a great week...there was just some speed bumps along the way.

Some of the bands I checked out included, Joey McIntyre, Down With Webster, Low Level Flight, illScarlett, Birds of Wales, Our Lady Peace and The Junction. Two Girls and a Blog got a chance to interview Low Level Flight, Stereos, Rick from Finger Eleven, Karl Wolf, Tommy from Hedley and Morgan from Birds of Wales. Unfortunately, there were some planned interviews that didn't happen, illScarlett, Darren from The Salads, USS and Zack Werner. I'm sure we'll definitely be able to get those rescheduled at some point. We also handed out Two Girls and a Blog Condom matchbooks! Boy, those were a hit!

Be sure to check out for our video blogs!

Aside from all of the bands that I love checking out during CMW, there are even more reasons that I love this week so much. It's the environment. You're walking through the Royal York hotel and it's filled with Music Industry people, Musicians, Radio industry people, press from all sorts of media outlets. Everything that I love in one place! I just soak it in while I can, like why spend all day locked in a hotel room when I can be out talking to people and networking? You never know who you're going to run into.

On Thursday as I was heading back into the hotel to get my coat from coat check, I ran into my old teachers and classmates from college. Good ol' Fanshawe Radio! We spent a good hour talking and catching up. That is definitely a highlight of the week for me.

I also kinda learned some things about myself, or maybe it was coming to realizations, admitting things to myself, and showing more signs that I am in fact getting older...

I have never liked pushy crowds at concerts, but lately I really hate them. I don't enjoy being pushed around by drunk people while trying to watch a band that I love. I would much rather stand on the side, just out of the mob and enjoy the music! I injured my knee this week as well, so being in a crowd like that was out of the question. I would have been killed. Just sayin'.

In my job as a cell phone rep for a particular company I get asked all of the time why I don't use Blackberry. It's a simple answer really. When you're surrounded by Blackberry users you're not as important as the 5 other people you're friends are chatting with constantly on BBM, MSN and Facebook. You never ever have peoples undivided attention. I miss the days of real conversations without a phone vibrating every 5 seconds. I miss that like I miss the days of Entertainment Tonight being about Movie/TV stars and not the Gosslin's, Octomom and The Bachelor scandals. But hey, that's just me. (And Mary Hart, she feels the same :)

Music has always been a part of me. I have loved that more than anything my entire life. It's what gets me through the tough times and makes the good times that much better. I would be perfectly happy working in music for the rest of my life. That is where I fit in. Its who I am. I did a lot of thinking about that while watching Our Lady Peace at Massey Hall on Saturday. My love for music overwhelmed me. This is where I should be.

Speaking of OLP, I also learned that their fans are crazier than I ever imagined. It was fantastic!

I learned that it took 4 people to close an ironing board. We have video.


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