Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's About Time That I Vent a Little

You know, when I decided to go in a slightly different direction in my career, I could never have imagined the obstacles that I would have to overcome...not even close! I knew it would be challenging of course, but I could have never ever in my wildest dreams imagined this. I try my best to stay positive about it all, but sometimes I just have to sit here and vent about how much this blows!

I'm in some weird area where I don't have x amount of years in a certain industry or the highly regarded Bachelor's if that makes me incapable of doing a great job! I think people can sometimes forget that a piece of paper doesn't necessarily make you a better candidate or any smarter than someone with a College Diploma. My passion and drive to succeed and to prove myself along with all the skills I've learned along the way would make me an awesome addition to any team. I really just need one person to see that...seriously, all it will take is ONE person to take a chance on me.  

On the flip side, I'm not even a good candidate for a "crappy job" as people love to call them since I've held a great job for nice period of time that they know I am over qualified and would be bored. I know this because I've actually been told by someone who was nice enough to have that conversation with me and not just let my resume sit in the black hole of the internet. 

So where does this leave me? Not anywhere that I want to be, that's for sure. The problem is, is that I have no idea what to do about it anymore. I'm at a loss and need help. Maybe something new and different to try? That being said, I do know to at least to not give up and to keep plugging away at it and have faith that someone out there will take a chance on me. I'm worth it, I promise.