Sunday, February 21, 2010


I believe in Psychics. I have been going to one yearly since 2003. My first reading ever was when I was 15 years old. This isn’t something I normally tell everybody, only people I trust, the ones that I know won’t judge me. People are just so opinionated about psychics that I don’t feel the need to deal with their reactions. I hate getting into heated debates about what I believe in. It is what it is. You’ll never hear me debating religion or politics for the same reason. I would keep this psychic thing a secret from guys too! It’s not like on date number one I can say ‘yeah I already know how this is going to end!’ That’s just stupid. If the relationship progressed at all, I maybe told them about it, I would just spare them the details.

This year is different though. I am no longer hiding who I am or what I believe in. This doesn’t mean that I am going to go and tell you about all of my readings since 2003. Not gonna happen. I’ll share some tidbits, nothing overly personal though.

My fascination with psychics began with seeing world-famous psychic Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show. She was so amazing, she just blew me away! She was always helping solve crimes, making yearly worldly and celebrity predictions, her accuracy was undeniable. I started reading her books as fast as she was writing them. I’m not even sure how many I own now. One day before she retires, I hope to get a reading from her. That is my goal! That will cost me about $700US and a 6 month wait.

So, at 15 years old I decided I wanted a reading. I found a local psychic that I had heard about through a friend. Her name was Sparkie (I know right). She came to my house and she did a reading in my bedroom for my friend and I. She was definitely not the best, but I can tell you that when she described how my life would be during this current time period, she was dead on. I can still hear her words as if it were yesterday. She was correct about many things. There was something in particular that she said where I was like ‘pfft yeah right!’ I refused to believe it. Then in 2003 when I met with Psychic Nikki she told me the EXACT same thing, almost word for word. I still wasn’t having it. Here’s the thing, we all have choices. We can choose to go down a different path. We can prevent some things from happening by simply making a different choice…this could be something as little as getting a speeding ticket. I do believe though, that if something is truly meant to be, it will be. So if that thing that Sparkie and Nikki both told me does happen eventually, I know I will have no regrets because I always follow my heart. At least that is what I am telling myself.

People always ask me if Psychic Nikki is any good. Well obviously she is or I wouldn’t keep going back! For her readings, we meet at a restaurant downtown Toronto and either have breakfast or lunch and she gives you a reading. It’s very casual and she asks you right up front if you want to hear bad things (like death) or not. If not, then you get a very happy positive reading. Your choice. I always choose to hear the bad too because that’s life, we take the good with the bad.

She’s really good at seeing relationships. She has ALWAYS been right with me. She gives good descriptions of people I date or are going to, she knows if it will last or if we’ll be friends or nothing at all. The ONLY thing I am waiting for is my future husband. He’s out there apparently. She knows what kind of flowers I will have in my wedding. I'm not surprised she said my favourite kind. Then there are moments when she says something that reminds you that she truly is psychic. In my last reading a of couple weeks ago, she says about my future husband, "He's going to buy you a fan. That's weird! Why is that?" I burst out laughing and said 'because I can't sleep without one!' I haven't slept without a fan in my room since 2002. (Sept 3, 2010 - Update: The fan thing happened! I couldn't believe it. It wasn't bought for me, but it was presented that way..and it wasn't my future husband, it was just some guy I dated for a while.)

Aside from that I love hearing about my career and all of the different things she sees me doing. It’s so tough in the industry I love, but I know I can do it, and so does she. I just have to keep networking and doing my thing. Things are going to happen for me. I can’t say that I wasn’t excited when she told me she saw me all over Film Fest, going to parties and such.

I love that she sees the places I will eventually travel. She got Las Vegas last year. She sees me going to Rome, Italy and the Vatican, Hawaii, LA and San Francisco among others.

She is good at random things like what I am going to do to my hair next, tattoos I am going to get, dresses I am going to wear for certain events, cars I am going to drive, things like that.

It’s awesome when you get to check things off your reading that have happened or you’re just checking off a random name that came up. In my 2003 reading I have checked off 87 names, places and predictions. I am too lazy to count the rest. But that gives you a good idea.

Going to a psychic has sort of become my therapy. This year I really needed peace of mind, and she gave that to me. I wasn’t sleeping well before I went, my mind just never shut up. I am sleeping really well now, thankfully. Nikki used a really great word to describe my life at the moment: Stabilizing. I am stabilizing my life. I really couldn’t have put it better myself.


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