Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taylor Swift Backlash?

Alright I am getting fed up with all this Taylor Swift backlash crap that has been going on since the Grammy Awards!

I just don't see what is so bad about a sincere and talented young lady having all her dreams come true? She's worked hard for it. She writes her own music, she sings the truth, she is actually a positive role model for young girls everywhere!

Had she not won Album of the Year, this would not be an issue. Personally, I would have given Album of the Year to Lady Gaga, but really everyone in that category was just as deserving. They all had great albums, they all had an amazing year. Don't blame Taylor, she didn't vote for herself.

Sure, her performance was a little shaky. She had an off night, it happens, it's just a shame it happened during her Grammy performance. They have come out and said it was technical difficulties, that she couldn't hear the whole mix in her earpiece. Who knows if that's true. Whatever. In case you weren't listening, there were technical difficulties ALL NIGHT LONG! It was driving me crazy! It was one bad performance, get over it. If you have ever listened to her sing live before, you know she can sing. I've been listening to people call in on the radio and complain about her, radio announcers bashing her...blah blah blah. The media is just adding fuel to the fire. As usual.

Honestly, just be glad Miley Cyrus didn't win album of the year.

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

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