Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a Blogger now!

Welcome to The Real Scerina!

For the past few months I have been feeling this need to write, so I have decided that I should start a blog. I've spent hours writing in a journal lately as it has been my only outlet for all the crazy things going on in my head. Some of that will remain in my journal pages, but some of it I will post here for anyone to read.

I will be updating The Real Scerina on everyday happenings in my life as well as thoughts and feelings that I decide to share with you. From time to time, I may throw in the odd entertainment related review too!

There will be no hiding from things I used to here. No hiding my beliefs. There will be no BS. Its honest. It's just me.

Happy reading! (I suppose that's appropriate! haha)

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